On The Whole, I Wish I'd Stayed In Tunbridge Wells

There’s a memorable scene in Lawrence of Arabia between Omar Sharif’s character “Sherif Ali” and Arthur Kennedy, who plays “Jackson Bentley”, a thinly disguised version of one of the real-life Lawrence’s biggest promoters, American journalist Lowell Thomas:


Bentley: What are you learning from this?

Sherif Ali: Politics.

Bentley: You’ll be a democracy in this country? You gonna have a parliament?

Sherif Ali: I will tell you that when I have a country.


Did I answer well?

Bentley: You answered without saying anything. That’s politics.

With that in mind, watch Robin Carnahan, a liberal secretary of state (and would-be US senator) from the centerist midwestern state of Missouri dissemble for nearly three minutes without saying anything about PelosiCare or the Stupak Amendment:

[youtube HcMH_70Tf9g]

On the other hand, you can understand her reluctance to put her cards on the table: “Pelosi: Jail time “very fair” for failing to buy your patriotic ObamaCare coverage.”

(Incidentally, nice done tiltie head of compassion in Carnahan’s Wikipedia mugshot.)



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