Ed Driscoll

Joseph Cau's "Blind Partisanship"

As Jim Geraghty writes, “Joseph Cao’s Opponents, Left With No Easy Avenue of Attack:”

Neither of the most prominent Democrats who seek the job of Rep. Joseph Cao, R-Louisiana — State Representative Juan La Fonta or State Representative Cedric Richmond —  has anything about the congressman’s health care vote on their campaign web sites. And what is left for a Democrat challenger to say? “I would have pushed the “aye” button harder”?

Cao represents, by far, the most Democrat-leaning district currently represented by a Republican right now. By casting this vote, Cao has a chance – not a great chance, but a chance – of winning reelection by arguing that he always puts the interest of his district first, and is willing to defy the arm-twisting of every other GOP member.

Or, he could have left Nancy Pelosi with 219 votes, and guaranteed his defeat in 2010.

UPDATE: I’m informed Richmond did issue a statement, denouncing Cao for voting to block the bill on his previous procedural votes and noting that his yes vote came “after the bill had already received the two hundred and eighteen votes to secure a majority.” Richmond pledges to “break from Congressman Cao’s record of ineffectiveness and blind partisanship.”

Well, yeah — just watch this video interview with Cao, and it’s immediately obvious that the man is a fire breathing hyper-partisan right wing neocon death beast who listens to hours and hours of Rush Limbaugh each and every day.