"Liberty Baptist Is A Long Way From Walter Benjamin"

Richard Brookhiser has some thoughts on Norman Podhoretz’s recent book, Why Are Jews Liberal:

This process I understand, somewhat. Much of it is Israel-driven. Years of anti-Israel Soviet propaganda did their work, and do it still, even as many of the stars whose light we see at night have actually gone out. The 1967 and 1973 wars were deeply humiliating to the Red Army: all those tanks chewed up by Israeli Shermans. Steps had to be taken, and were. Liberals, for their part, grew conflicted about defending a David that behaved like a Goliath. Was Exodus supposed to lead to Ariel Sharon? Finally, Israel acquired allies that simply embarrassed liberals, especially Jews. Liberty Baptist is a long way from Walter Benjamin.


Read the whole thing; for Roger L. Simon’s interview with Norman Podhoretz on PJTV, click here.


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