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Oh, That Liberal Fascism

The Gothamist blog spots a Manhattan “Whole Foods Invaded by Angry Yes Men Movie Audience” — and they write what reads like a remarkably approving blog post:

The team behind the Yes Men movie are doing a great job getting audiences at Film Forum to participate in direct-action stunts after the screenings. On Wednesday night organizers persuaded most people in the audience to head over to a nearby Chase bank and write political stuff on the sidewalk with coal—because JP Morgan Chase underwrites Massey Energy, which does a lot of mountaintop removal coal mining. Anyway, last night they kicked it up a notch.

Following the 8 p.m. screening, almost 150 audience members marched over to the Whole Foods on Houston Street to send a message to CEO John Mackey, who’s outraged many with his conservative position  on health care reform. [Yes, how dare a businessman suggest free-market reforms! — Ed] The group was joined by five protesters ensconced in post-apocalyptic SurvivaBalls, which are described as “a self-contained living system—truly, a gated community for one. If you have a SurvivaBall, even if everyone else is dying, at least you can weather all storms.”

Around 10:30, the moviegoers spread throughout the store. Then one of the Yes Men agents announced “a spill in the public health aisle,” and everyone came together chanting an anti-Mackey song to the tune of “Hey Mickey.” Sample lyric: “Hey Mackey, you’re a swine, you’re a swine you blow my mind, hey Mackey!” (The stunt was inspired by a similar action in Oakland.)

Security promptly escorted the SurvivaBall people out, and no arrests were made, unlike a recent gathering in Stuy Cove Park. Yes Men “secret agent” Joseph Huff-Hannon tells us audiences have been “flying into a rage after seeing the movie and want to vent on nearby corporate targets.” Following tonight’s 8 p.m. screening, Rev Billy will incite the crowd to unload on “one particularly blatant example of injustice” near Film Forum. So brace yourself, um…Chipotle?

“Argue with your neighbors, get in their faces”, as a certain presidential candidate once advised his supporters. “Punch back twice as hard!” as a certain president’s deputy chief of staff recently said.

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