The Goalposts Move Back And To The Left...Back And To The Left...


Michelle Malkin notes how the left have moved the goalposts in light of the success of the Tea Parties this year:

Activists were derided as amateurs who couldn’t turn out a crowd. Then they were smeared as corporate shills. They were criticized for not having a coherent message. Then they were mocked for ideological single-mindedness. They are resented by professional strategists who accuse them of organizing empty protests that won’t translate into electoral gains. But the movement has given birth to a new generation of movers and shakers who have rejected establishment partisan politics for nimble, Internet-facilitated, issues-based advocacy.

The success of the Tea Party movement and its allies/successors shows that there’s no monopoly on “community organizing.”

You are the change we’ve been praying for.


The Gay Patriot blog notes another example of playing down the success of the DC Tea Party: “Yahoo! Ignores Million-Person Protest (for Freedom) on same page it Featured 150-Person Petition (against Cheney).”


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