"This Is Not The Triumphalism Obama Used To Know"

The Rhetorican sees “Disarray and Loathing” in Obamaland:

A short round-up of “Obamacare Push” news at Instapundit.  To sum up, this is not the triumphalism Obama used to know.

And the picture just keeps getting grimmer for him: “An Associated Press-GfK poll says that public disapproval of President Barack Obama’s handling of health care has jumped to 52 percent.”

I think it all comes down to trust – or lack of to be more precise.  And also to the fact that the 2008 electorate was largely sold a unique media product in Obama – (this Politico piece couldn’t make that plainer) – a sort of human version of the 2006 Time Magazine Person of the Year award – designed to emit a  reflection of the electorate’s own aspirations.

Obama was a promise of whatever you wanted him to be.  Unfortunately for him, he is who he is.  And the people now feel cheated.  You don’t follow people who make you feel cheated, no matter which way your politics tilt.

Or as the Professor writes, linking to a Bloggingheads video featuring a quote from former Obama supporter Megan McCardle (now curiously to the right of David Frum…) what happened what happened to the health care magic pony?

(Jim DeMint would be willing to go line by line to help President Obama find it, if he’s so inclined.)

Update: Moe Lane is also searching for ponies — and Freudian slips — here.

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