Van Under The Bus?

Mickey Kaus ponders, “Van Jones, Gone in 60 Seconds?”

kf hears today is the day the MSM (not just Tapper) officially turns on Van Jones, the White House “green jobs” adviser who signed a 2004 Truther petition. ‘Gone by midnight’ is the prediction. He’s on the Liverpool Care Pathway! Soon he’ll meet with his death panel and be under the bus! … Obama presumably doesn’t want the controversy to bleed into post-Labor Day Speech Week.


If and when it actually happens, can’t wait to read how the dinosaur media reports the denouement of a story they never reported as it was developing.

Update: After the killer lede of, “This is not the communist Truther [Obama] thought he knew”, Allahpundit offers some of the reasons for the legacy media’s silence. With the exception of ABC’s Jake Tapper, old media has been observing blackout conditions, as Byron York noted in the above link. Allah writes:

Why would they cede the field to Jake when he’s pulling big traffic from the righty blogosphere for covering this? I don’t think it’s simply to protect The One; they covered Geithner’s and Daschle’s tax problems and they’re much bigger fish. I think it’s that they know Glenn Beck’s been after Jones for weeks and it pains them too much to give him credence by following his lead. It’s analogous to the NYT refusing to review Michelle’s book even though she’s been number one on their own bestseller list for more than a month. Who cares if her thesis about Obama’s culture of corruption is correct and newsworthy and obviously of great public interest? They’re not going to help promote the work of someone whom they dislike. The state of the media, 2009.

Which is one of the reasons Stacy McCain believes we need more journalism and not less from the right: “Do we need a purge? I don’t think so.”


Finally, Jacob Sullum of Reason goes down the rabbit hole to explore “Van Jones’ nuttiest belief” — magical thinking that, as Sullum notes, is believed by many others in the Obama Administration, from the top, down.

Update: As the newly Twitterfied Jonah Goldberg writes, looking good there, Van:


More bets as to when V-J Day will occur:

Steve Green coins “Van Jones’s Law: When your antics take up most of Drudge’s left hand column, you’ll be gone before Monday.”

Orrin Judd believes that if Van isn’t under the bus this weekend, “Wanna Bet He’s Gone By The 11th?”

Update: Here’s what every administration loves to see from its staffers: “Van Jones, the One-Man You Tube Channel.”


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