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What A Difference A Year Makes

Last year around this time, John McCain released an amusing YouTube ad highlighting just how in the tank — and in love — the media were with their dream candidate:

[youtube u6CSix3Dy04]

And one year later is that love still being reciprocated by their man? Well, to paraphrase an old riff by David Letterman, himself a highly visible Obama supporter, they do, and they do, and do for you kids, and this is the thanks they get:

Obama’s Political Operation Escalates Attack On Media; Raises Money Off Failure To Debunk “Lies”

This has to be the Obama camp’s most direct and premeditated shot at the media yet: His outside political operation just blasted an email to supporters directly faulting the press for falling down on the job of debunking health care “lies.”

The email from Organizing for America, which was forwarded by a reader, is obviously not addressed to the media and explicitly focuses blames on the press for the traction that reform foes have gained. Hitting the media riles the base, and the email also asks for donations to fund OFA, because “stepping in where the media fails is a daunting challenge.”

“Our opponents will create and spread outrageous lies to try to stop President Obama from creating real change,” reads the email from OFA chief Mitch Stewart. “We just can’t count on the media to debunk them.”

Add the above to this little bon mot from an Obama advisor, and the perpetual Obama campaign dubbing the loyal opposition, “Right-Wing Domestic Terrorists”, (nice effort at bipartisanship, fellas!) and it seems pretty obvious that leftwing paranoia? They’re soaking in it.

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