Ed Driscoll

The Kultursmog Has Never Been Thicker


As we’ve written numerous times around here, and as should be obvious to any long-term reader of the Blogosphere, at some point early in the “naughts”, the MSM lost its vice-grip control over the narrative. And based on their reporting this year, they’ve simply given up any hope of getting history right. To wit:

A few years ago, Emmett Tyrrell of the American Spectator described the atmospheric conditions in the MSM that had created a “Kultursmog” that’s enveloped the media landscape:

What claims the attention of major media today is a phenomenon called Kultursmog. It is the popular culture of the United States, polluted utterly by a weird politics, a politics that is often called liberal but is actually simply leftish and adolescent. It has no fixed values or ideas other than to disturb the peace, which the legally attuned will recognize as a misdemeanor in most jurisdictions of the civilized world. Kultursmog is a culture that mixes rock stars in with fashion models and the ideas of Al Gore. Occasionally the smog actually includes the Hon. Gore, along with those other “rock star” personalities, the Clintons. The Kultursmog is always politically correct, ever sensitive to the whims of the Democratic National Committee, and increasingly anti-intellectual.

And it’s never been thicker. The legacy media has long since prided itself on being the “first draft of history”. Every writer knows his first draft is almost invariably his worst, and polishes repeatedly. But normally, mostly for style; presumably the facts are correct before the writing begins. How will the second, third and tenth drafts of history look, when its foundation was built so poorly to begin with?