Ed Driscoll

The Gas-Man Came Forward With A Conscious Air Of Anticipated Triumph

Orrin Judd quips, “Aren’t The Republicans Supposed To Be The Nazis?”

[Gov Ed Rendell D-PA] said yesterday that once the committee got back to meeting, they should hold daily sessions to solve the budget impasse that is now in its second month.

He also told reporters that he was frustrated with the way the conference committee had conducted its first meetings. They were held in public with Democrats and Republicans spending most of the time bickering about procedure and making little if any progress toward a handshake.

Rendell said it all reminded him of a scene from the 1960s James Bond classic Goldfinger, in which the villain kills a room of gangsters in one fell swoop.

“He just filled the room with poison gas and knocked them all off,” Rendell said with a snap of his fingers. “You might have thought after watching those two [conference-committee] days that that would have been a good idea.”

As Orrin adds, “Public political discourse ought not resort to jokes about murder, no matter how funny.”