Ed Driscoll

"What Do Wonkette And Nazis Have In Common?"

I think you’d have to read Liberal Fascism more than a few times for the exact connection to become apparent, but beyond the killer headline above, The Rhetorican adds:

I dunno.  They both attract eugenics advocates?

Legal Insurrection: Wonkette goes after Trig Palin…again!

Why does Wonkette find the need to rally against a special needs child like this?  An even better question: does she watch Triumph of the Will to get her jollies?  Does she think the camp inmates in Schindler’s List are the villains?

Just askin’…

UPDATE: Related content at American Power.

Incidentally, Ken Layne wrote the post that the Rhetorican links to.  In better days, Layne was known for a slogan whose rhetoric and idealism he’s long since abandoned. Ana Marie Cox is long gone, and based on the current masthead, there’s a 50/50 chance that Wonkette isn’t a she, depending upon who’s written the post in question.

Incidentally, for some thoughts on how the left became obsessed with conspiracy theories, click here.