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2009: A Smoot-Hawley Odyssey

How bad is the Democrats' cap & tax bill? So bad, that even Greenpeace opposes it. And they're far from alone.

(HT: V/P)

Update: Caleb Howe has a little fun with Photoshop:

capntaxLarger original here, where Caleb writes, "Please feel free to use this anywhere, and would be nice to credit me @CalebHowe" (his Twitter address).

Update: Roger Kimball accurately describes cap & tax as a "Nightmare On Main Street" -- don't miss the accompanying flowchart, which makes Terry Gilliam's Brazil look like a model of restrained, limited government.

Update: What happens next if cap & tax passes? "Welcome to the opposite of stimulus", Michelle Malkin writes. It's a Rendevouz With Scarcity!

Related: And speaking of Photoshop...