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The Return Of The Son Of 21st Century Schizoid Mad Men

bk-blowDon Draper weeps. Advertising in the early 1960s Mad Men era: libidos run amok behind the scenes, but all the readers and viewers at home see are tastefully written, beautifully photographed promotions that Madison Avenue ad agencies create to show their clients' wares in the best possible light.

Advertising in the more enlightened, "progressive" era of 2009? "It'll Blow Your Mind Away!"

Or not, as this is just the latest mile marker (See also Olbermann, Letterman, and Playboy.com) of an overculture sinking further into the abyss.

For our video look from last month of “21st Century Schizoid Mad Men”, click below:

Update: Tangentially related: "NOW conference infiltrated by NOW members."

Update: Much more on Burger King's new campaign and the mindset that produces it, from the bard of Jasperwood.