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Ezra Levant preforms an incredible simultaneous deconstruction and demolition job on the words of Jennifer Lynch, the chief commissar of the Canadian “Human Rights Commission.” It’s a fisking of epic proportions, and that’s putting it mildly.

Here’s the intro:

On Monday, Jennifer Lynch, the chief commissar of the Canadian Human Rights Commission, gave a speech to her fellow censors at the human rights industry’s annual trade show in Montreal. It was such a grotesque speech, any self-respecting government ought to fire her for uttering it. It revealed Lynch’s complete misunderstanding of the nature of human rights, the right of citizens to question their government, and the government’s proper attitude towards peaceful criticism.

It was the speech of an angry bigot.

It showed Lynch to be temperamentally unsuitable for any public office, especially a prosecutorial office with powers similar to those of real police. She’s bitter, vindictive, paranoid and motivated by anger and vengeance. If she was a real cop, answerable to an internal affairs branch, she’d be put on leave and investigated for her rage-filled rant.

Lynch’s speech was that of a bureaucrat at war with Canadian citizens. It was a speech of a bully who seeks the power to destroy those who oppose her.

I’ve rarely seen such a speech uttered by someone in public life; Jacques Parizeau’s “money and the ethnic vote” comment wasn’t a speech – it was a five-word gaffe, but it showed his true colors, and it has discredited him ever since. Lynch’s speech was Parizeau’s vengeance stretched to 20 minutes – but done on purpose. Even Richard Nixon’s enemies list was a private document; Lynch’s speech, in which she catalogues her enemies and denounces them, was a formal, public utterance, vetted by the CHRC’s half-dozen PR staff. It was clearly written by Lynch herself – the personal venom of it just couldn’t be faked.

Lynch is what Orwell feared

There have been some excellent dissections of the speech; Mark Steyn has a round-up of many of them, and the National Post gave almost a full page to the subject on Thursday. I will try not to repeat their points. Rather, I would like to point out something superlative in Lynch’s speech: she has taken Orwellian inversions to a level that I have not seen before. She’s simply the best at what Orwell called newspeak and doublethink.

Every flaw and error in her own conduct and that of her CHRC henchmen, she attributes to her opponents. Every vicious tactic she uses herself as a matter of course, she blames on her victims.

It is classic Orwellian behaviour, and it shows Lynch is better suited to working in Iran than in Canada.

The censorship business attracts sociopaths

This isn’t a small point, and it’s not just a one-liner. It is the entire psychology of the CHRC – and it is why that corrupt organization attracts so many sociopaths as employees. Seriously: in the section 13 censorship squad, you’ve got Sandy Kozak, an ex-cop thrown off a police force for corruption; you’ve got Dean Steacy, a tyrant who declaims that free speech is not a Canadian concept and who laughs under oath that he didn’t break the CHRC’s rules, because there aren’t any rules to break; and you’ve got Richard Warman, who spends literally hundreds of hours online, posting anti-Semitic, anti-black and anti-gay venom on neo-Nazi websites. Sorry, that’s just not a normal, well-adjusted group of people. Hunting your fellow citizens using unethical means isn’t what normal people do. These people are off. And Jennifer Lynch is their perfect leader.

“Let’s look at a few lines from her speech”, Ezra writes. You know what to do next.

(Found via Mark Steyn; much more on Orwellian Canada from the all-seeing, all-linking Binkmeister.)