Ed Driscoll

"No Shirt, No Shoes, No PC Views, No Service"

Leftwing tolerance for diversity defined. Mark Steyn writes:

A Boston art appraiser declines to appraise oriental rug for notorious MIT warmo-denialist Richard Lindzen:

I am sorry to inform you that after some consideration, I’ve decided not to perform the appraisal service that you’ve requested. Your writing on the subject of global warming is offensive to me personally, and I feel that I would have difficulty being an impartial appraiser of value given my view on the subject.

No shirt, no shoes, no PC views, no service.

(His rug was incinerated by global warming.)

(via Kathy Shaidle)

Somebody should write a book about this phenomenon!

Update: Found via Big Hollywood: “Republicans and their s**t films must be stopped.”