Ed Driscoll

Third Time's The Charm?

David Letterman issues his second apology today, after Embassy Suites pulls their advertising from CBS’s Website. “A cynical man might guess these two facts are not entirely unrelated”, Ace of Spades writes, adding that Letterman’s second apology isn’t much of an improvement on his first attempt:

Actually, it seems more of the same. He continues saying it wasn’t his intent to make the joke he made, but that “perception” is more important here than “intention.”

He concedes what he already did concede — to wit, that even if he meant Bristol, the joke is still “coarse.”

I don’t see much here different than his old apology. Though his last apology was done as a joke-type thing. Maybe this one is more serious.

Thanks to DrewM. and Joshua.

Oh: I meant to link this a while ago. Jeri Thompson, your next damn Chairman of the RNC.

As Stacy McCain notes, “The GOP’s media operations are third-rate. Cynthia Yockey is running a one-woman campaign against Letterman. Where are the Republican Party media operatives lending her assistance and support? Nowhere.”

(Hat Tip: The Rhetorican.)

Update: The Professor has more Letterman links.