Ed Driscoll

"Is Everything Political Now?" Why, Yes It Is

In the midst of witnessing Dijongedden (I’m picturing Marlon Bando whispering in sotto voce tones, “the mustard…the mustard…”), Stacy McCain asks:

Is everything political now? Is news only relevant insofar as it causes people to vote Republican or Democrat? Will we soon see the TV weatherman telling us how the latest high-pressure system in the Midwest affects Obama’s popularity? Will ESPN discuss the political impact of the Cardinals-Mets game?

I vividly remember watching ESPN’s Chris Berman and Tom Jackson discussing the outcome of the Washing Redskins game on the Sunday before the 2004 election — and feeling pretty upbeat because the Redskins lost. Berman gushed on the air something along the lines of, “Hey, you know what that means, Tom!” (Err, except for that year.)

And yes, on the left, everything is political/politics are everything. It’s holistic. Or totalitarian, depending upon how look at it.