Ed Driscoll

"Don't Turn Drinking Into a Responsibility"

As Robert Rosenthal writes at the HuffPo:

“Drink responsibly.” Talk about an oxymoron.

Don’t we already have enough responsibility in our lives?

Kids. Job. Clients. Decisions. Paying bills. Making deadlines. Watching your weight. Mowing the lawn. Filling the tank. Initiating foreplay. Then there’s moral responsibility, civic responsibility, fiduciary responsibility. Don’t you just want to say “screw responsibility” some times? Those times were made for drinking.

Yet you can’t even do that without being constantly pressured by every single ad for beer, wine or booze to “drink responsibly”. I’m not even sure exactly what that means, but I’ve got news — the last thing I want to be when I’m drinking — is responsible. All this responsibility is the reason I’m drinking in the first place.

Read the whole thing, then file here. It was quite astute of Rosenthal to bury the mildest softball shot possible at Rush Limbaugh in the middle of his essay, because this is the most sanest, most conservative item at the Huffington Post since Greg Gutfeld wisely departed for redder pastures.

(H/T: SG.)