Ed Driscoll

Media Objectivity, Defined

Compare and contrast “Two young Americans, about the same age.  Both made decisions that much of the country would find questionable, even abhorrent”:

Media investigation of one revealed a “journey of spiritual zeal, linguistic and cultural education,” an “emotional” young person who had an “independent spirit.”  Others interviewed described him as one who “loves America” and is “a sweet kid.”

Media investigation of the other revealed intolerance (of homosexuality), a willingness to deceive and implied cheating (boob job in a beauty pageant), hypocrisy and abandonment of religious beliefs (partially nude photos).  Others interviewed described her as “polarizing” and “opportunistic.”

It’s pretty obvious who one of the figures mentioned above is. As for the other? As Paul Harvey might have said if he had been in the Blogosphere instead of radio, click over for…the rest of the story.