Ed Driscoll

MSNBC Already Thinking About Chief Justice Obama

Jim Geraghty writes that the GE network — who else? — is fantasizing about President Obama’s future:

MSNBC’s First Read:

Who will be the first columnist to write: Could Barack Obama’s post-presidential career be on the Supreme Court?

Well, you guys just did.

Really? It’s not enough that we’ve had 100 days of telling us Obama is the greatest president ever, that he’s the best qualities of FDR, JFK, RFK, Reagan, Clinton, and Ataturk combined, that people are already arguing that two terms for him isn’t enough, but now we have to think about coronating him to his next extremely powerful position after this?

What next, figuring out some way to download his brain into a cybernetic body that won’t age, so that we can have his presence around forever?

Yes we can! “We Are the Removeable Memory Device We’ve Been Waiting For.”