Ed Driscoll

In The Rearview Mirror

“Moneyrunner” at The Virginian writes:

The people who populate the Obama administration really don’t believe in 9/11. They may have read about it, They may know intellectually that it happened. But they view it the same way we may view a lightning strike that hits an isolated golfer: a billion-in-one shot that “just happened.” That’s why the Obama team is renaming the attacks of 9/11 as “man-caused disasters” putting it on the same moral plane as an auto wreck. That’s why the Obama team is not really concerned about revealing what we do to interrogate prisoners with vital information. They don’t believe we haven anything to worry about. Unlike the people who evacuated their buildings during the fly-bys and who ran for their lives, believing that they were under another attack. For Team Obama, it’s always 9/10.

UPDATE: A few other thoughts:

Who was doing the photography? In the pictures I saw the Air force jet trailing Air Force One was not in a position to take good pictures. Was there a photo plane? If so, where was it? Would it have not been much cheaper to photo-shop an image of Air Force One next to the Statue of Liberty and get the same effect? Were there any passengers on Air Force One during this flight? Was this a joy ride that bombed?

I have to say the Photoshop comments are slightly disengenious–if the Obama White House issued Photoshopped photos of the Air Force One, the starboard half of the Blogosphere would have gone ballistic. (Just as the left continues to bring up the plastic turkey canard long after it’s been debunked.) On the other hand, it might have been far less of a howl than what occurred on Monday.

But Moneyrunner is right — to the dovish Obama administration, 9/11 is very “a billion-in-one shot that ‘just happened.'”

Meanwhile, Steven Den Beste deploy’s Occam’s 747, and posits a theory as to why Monday’s incident was kept quiet ahead of time:

If people had been told, they might have objected and prevented it.

That fits with the overall theme of Obama wanting what he wants, and not accepting anything that gets in the way of his getting what he wants.

Which certainly worked out well for all concerned with the last Democrat in the Oval Office.

Update: “‘Had there been a senior military officer running the military office, this would not have happened’ said former Nixon Military Assistant and retired Marine Colonel Jack Brennan in an interview with The New Nixon blog  earlier today.” Read the whole thing.