Ed Driscoll

Step One: Das Kapital. Step Three: Heaven On Earth. Step Two: ?

Dr. Sanity flowcharts the left, so you don’t have to:socialismpostmodernism

(Hat tip: Maggie’s Farm)

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Related: Roy Edroso of Alicublog and the Village Voice is not pleased:

THE CONSERVATIVE COMEBACK, PART 5633. If you’re an ordinary American liberal type, winding down your day with a Gardenburger and PBR and listening to some Cat Power, and you hear Dr. Sanity referring to “The Left’s Romance with Tyranny and Terror,” you probably assume he’s talking about a different Left — maybe the Left two houses down, or the Left over by the gas station.

But no: if you find Janeane Garofalo pretty MOR, or don’t think it’s a big deal that Barack Obama shook hands with Hugo Chavez, or think “green jobs” sound okay and approve of the reduction of greenhouse gases, you are the Left he means. He thinks that you’re “so nonchalant about terrorism and the threat of Islamic jihad” because you see yourself “on the same side politically.” He thinks you have rubbed your hands with glee as “a majority of Democrats have been slowly sliding toward a preference for tyanny [sic] over the last decade,” and are happy to have a President who “never liked America much to begin with” and is eager “to demonstrate his willingness to submit to Islamic bullying.”

Dr. Sanity not only believes all this, but has taken the time to create a handy chart, which he has disseminated to his friends, so they may better understand how you are plotting to destroy the country. Expect to see it mounted on a two-by-four and held aloft at some upcoming tea parties. It’s part of the new patriotism, which is much like the old bats***-craziness, but with more froth.

Shhh….Nobody tell these guys that Dr. Sanity isn’t a “he.” Or that I’m not Jules Crittenden.

Update: Roy’s a pretty good sport about his error:  “Now they tell me Dr. Sanity’s female, so I had to change the pronouns. That’s just another facet of our Marxist revolution: sexism!” Heh.