Cannibal--The Musical

While I gave John McCain high marks for a time for his YouTube campaign last summer, this latest ultra-lame GOP Web ad illustrates how dire their current marketing efforts are. The year is still young of course, but so far, their efforts stand in remarkable contrast to the tone of ’93, when Republicans were out of power, but building towards November of the following year. Wendy Sullivan describes the GOP’s current propensity to devour its own “the Jindal Effect:”


Like children in a playground, today’s Republicans are so desperate for approval that they will turn on their own best friends if they are perceived as uncool. Except Bobby Jindal and Rush Limbaugh are far from uncool. They are quite the opposite: They are threatening to the left, and so they must be discredited.

As the weeks and months pass, you will hear more and more people discrediting Rush and then
shockingly, the Fairness Doctrine will pass with little opposition. Because after all, the Fairness Doctrine is all about Limbaugh and his ability to speak to the average American. The left will attack him because they are afraid of him, and the Republicans like Steele will attack him because they just want someone to sit with in the cafeteria at lunch. It’s a pretty pathetic way to run a country.

Which is why one of those parties isn’t running the country, and the other appears too busy demonizing Rush to actually get much else done. (Which, come to think of it, may be best for all concerned. Or not.)


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