"Analysis: Hillary's Mockery Of Obama Proves True"

I’m not sure who Alexander Mooney is at CNN, but he’ll never make it to the Anderson Cooperesque top of the anchorman food chain there by writing an article that begins like this:


During the most contentious stretch of the Democratic presidential primary campaign last winter, then-candidate Hillary Clinton mocked Barack Obama for his pledge to transcend Washington’s entrenched partisanship. President Obama, who won the presidency on a bipartisan platform, now faces a very divided Washington.

“The sky will open. The lights will come down. Celestial choirs will be singing and everyone will know we should do the right thing and the world will be perfect!” Clinton bellowed.

Obama dismissed Clinton’s sarcasm as overly cynical and further evidence she was a creature of Washington. But as President Obama prepares to make his first major address to Congress, Clinton’s comments are borne out.

For a candidate who won the White House on a mantle of bringing the country’s two political parties together, Washington could not be more divided on Obama‘s initial weeks in the Oval Office and the policies he has put in place.

Depending on who you ask, in 30 days the new president has either rescued the nation’s economy from financial ruin or set in motion the most liberal government in a generation, and one that’s likely to prolong — perhaps even prevent — the country’s economic recovery.


Found via Tammy Bruce, who’s also offering a free toaster with every bank that you buy! Meanwhile, in other Obamaconomy punditry, Kellyanne Conway asks Dr. Helen in this PJTV video shot at CPAC, “How can we all go a little John Galt?”

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Update: “CNN Host D. L. Hughley: Republicans ‘Literally Look Like Nazi Germany.'” Now that’s a far surer path to maximum facetime at CNN! Though curiously, when confronted with actual mustachioed tyrants, most CNN anchors are remarkably quick to swoon.


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