Tiny Mummies Request Vow Of Silence

On Commentary’s Contentions blog, Peter Wehner quotes the New Yorker’s George Packer (not to be confused with omnipresent source of all MSM quotes everywhere, man/myth/legend Greg Packer):


Unfortunately, [David] Brooks’s fair-minded critique is rare on the right. Most conservative critics of Obama’s first month are not hoping to be proved wrong, as Brooks says he is. Far from it: their dice were loaded from the start. Charles Krauthammer, Karl Rove, Peter Wehner, and others have already concluded that Obama is a failure, even as they pretend to reserve final judgment. Given the amount of wrongheadedness and damage pundits like these have inflicted on the country in its recent history, the decent thing for them to have done is say nothing for at least six months. They might even have learned something.

Wow, remember when dissent was patriotic and silence=consent, or death, or whatever silence means this week? Man, was that a long time ago! Wehner replies:

Once upon a time, it was left to an Administration, its spokesmen, national committees, and political hacks to insist that critics be silenced. Barack Obama has the advantage of having members of the press perform this task for him. As I have argued before, for some members of the media, Obama is their prince, and they are his courtiers. Hero-worship, it appears, can cause intelligent people to say silly things.

Not the least of which occurs here.


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