Because The Topic Certainly Lacks Awareness So Far

Newsbusters: “British Politico Urges Video Game Manufacturers to Include Message about Global Warming“–because (a) so few are aware of the “crisis” already and because (b) video gamers just love having their products suddenly politicized:


In Britain, Lord Puttnam, the founding chairman of the National Endowment for Science, Technology and the Arts and a former chairman of the Joint Parliamentary Committee on the Draft Climate Change Bill issued a statement ahead of his speech slated for the end of this month at the Terra future conference, urging video games to be used to spread the message about video games.

“Serious games based upon real-life geography should be vital tools in our fight against climate change,” said Lord Puttnam in a statement. “Educating people about the impact of prolonged changes to our climate in an accessible way is the best catalyst for action I know.”

So will we be referring to Duke Hybrid now? Will Laura Croft stop in the middle of a chase to explain the dangers of excessive C02 consumption?

The new green games are best played in a darkened room of course, for maximum impact. Preferably with the TV or computer off, to reduce carbon footprint even further.


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