Timothy Geithner: The Obamatross?

> Blog Archive >> Getting Geithner” href=”http://www.commentarymagazine.com/blogs/index.php/rubin/53392″>Jennifer Rubin writes that when Tom Daschle backed out, “the conventional wisdom was that Geithner had gotten ‘lucky’ since he slipped through before the firestorm”:


But that might not be right and, in fact, he may now be a never-ending source of angst for the Obama team. When we get to the inevitable Obama tax hike on the “rich” will Geithner be the one trying to sell the proposition to the voters and Congress? You can hear the Republican retort already. (“Yeah, not a problem since you don’t pay all your taxes!”) Even now, is he capable of performing PR for the administration on the news show circuit while the first question would be whether he too should step down?

Plus some thoughts on who in Obama’s cabinet benefits from a hobbled Geithner.


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