Hell Is Other Diners At Spago

Newsbusters spots “Celebs Giddy for Obama’s ‘Magic Moment’ After ‘Hell’ of Bush Years“. Here’s but one of them:

Actress Gloria Reuben (IMDb page), now in TNT’s Raising the Bar and formerly on NBC’s ER, will be on hand Tuesday “to watch the magic moment happen” since she yearns for an end to the “hell” of the Bush years. (Screen capture is from Reuben on ABC’s This Week in 2006 when she was promoting a play in which she played Condoleezza Rice):

It’s a once-in-a-lifetime situation. The last eight years have been such hell. We’re all so excited about the hope of things to come. I really think that’s part of it. People are so ready to rejoice and celebrate what is hopefully the return of the foundation of the United States.


She looks fantastic. She’s spent 13 years on a top-rated TV series making a high six figure if not seven figure annual salary. And “The last eight years have been such hell”? Why, lights on the set too bright? Wolfgang Puck didn’t give you the first table at Spago? No, evidently, it’s because the man in Washington who in the scope of things will be seen as governing in much the same fashion as his predecessor had an R after his name and not a D.

And yet, somehow, in the photo of Reuben from 2006, she’s smiling–good stiff upper lip and all that whilst trapped in Bushitler Hell. That’s more than other celebrities can say about their decade in purgatory–Maura Tierney, another traumatized victim of ER is quoted as saying, “I’m calm for the first time in eight years.”

On the other hand, Tierney’s IMDB profile notes this:

Wrote an article in the spring 2001 issue of Flaunt titled, “‘Rudy Giuliani’: A Fascist? You Be The Judge.”


Ahh–now it all makes sense. Obviously a Buchananite crushed by his third party defeat in 2000 who’s never recovered…

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