Ed Driscoll

The Suddenly Sensitive Simpsons

Well, this could be interesting:

The Simpsons creator Matt Groening has defended a controversial storyline in the comedy cartoon which sees Homer Simpson accuse his Muslim neighbours of terrorism.

In a forthcoming episode of the long-running show, dad Homer Simpson convinces friends that a Middle Eastern family are plotting to blow up a shopping mall but is proved wrong when it turns out the family’s father, Amid, works in demolition.

When the Simpson family have their Muslim neighbours over for dinner, Homer shows his ignorance of the Muslim faith calling Allah “Oliver” and holy book The Koran “The Corona”.

A spokesperson for Britain’s The Islamic Cultural Centre + The London Central Mosque has commented on the episode, telling U.K. newspaper the Daily Star, “I hope Muslims take no notice of the show.”

But Groening has come out in defence of the plot, saying, “Cartoons deal in stereotypes. We try to be sensitive.”

You do? Well, perhaps when there’s the possibility that one of your targets might actually fight back.