Calm Interregnums Died In 2000

As one of Tim Blair’s readers quipped on Friday:

Obama has besmirched the “Office of the President Elect” more than anyone in American history.


In mid-November, When Obama’s transition team fired up Photoshop, printed out their mock “Office of the President-Elect” signs and pasted them to Obama’s lectern, the media, weary of covering the real president during the final two months of his administration (except when the Florsheims fly, of course) ate it up. Itchy with anticipation over the transition and already used to giving their candidate maximum media exposure (and plenty of cover), they were thrilled to report on his press conferences as if he already was the president–why bother with the stuffy formality of transferring power in January?

And then we all learned how to pronounce the word “Blagojevich.”

With a little bit of political jujitsu in mind, this weekend, the RNC responded with this ad:

Hot Air’s Allahpundit asks, “Should the RNC have waited on this? No benefit of the doubt during the interregnum, at least?”

In 2000, there was plenty of doubt, and very little of it beneficial, thrown by the out party at their successors during the transition period.

Having established the precedent, why would they think the urge to attack during what was once a calm and orderly transition would cease?


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