Ed Driscoll

At Last, A Great Society Program Pays Off

PBS’s Sesame Street music used to break terrorist wills in Gitmo!

Isn’t interdepartmental cooperation nice to see? Sure, government is ever-expanding, but it’s great when two very different, and often highly competitive agencies are working together to keep us safe.

And tunes from other PBS shows are being used as well:

Bob Singleton, whose song “I Love You” is beloved by legions of preschool Barney fans, wrote in a newspaper opinion column that any music can become unbearable if played loudly for long stretches.

“It’s absolutely ludicrous,” he wrote in the Los Angeles Times. “A song that was designed to make little children feel safe and loved was somehow going to threaten the mental state of adults and drive them to the emotional breaking point?”

He said with a deep and abiding understanding of the irony of the situation, knowing full well that he’s driven millions of parents to the emotional breaking point having to listen to his music over and over and over and over again.

(H/T: CG)