Ed Driscoll

Trust, But Don't Verify

Kevin D. Williamson spots “An Unbelievable Headline from Slate”:

“Believing in vote fraud may be dangerous to a democracy’s health.”


Still though, I’m glad to see Winston Smith is finally off IngSoc’s vast government payroll and happily writing in the private sector.

Incidentally, back in 2002, Glenn Reynolds suggested one simple method of reducing voter fraud:

The fact is, if you could come up with a new technology as simple and resistant to fraud as the paper ballot, people would be pretty impressed. So why do we use machines?

Perhaps in part for the same reason that some people used to prefer canned vegetables to fresh ones: “it’s more modern!”

But since then, as any trip to the supermarket will demonstrate, the left have moved headlong into organic vegetables and away from the more modern canned variety.

Couldn’t paper ballots be sold to the left along similar lines? Vote the organic way–vote paper!

(Recycled paper sustainably harvested from new growth timber planted less than 100 miles from the ballot box, of course.)

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