Ed Driscoll

Recreate '68! '72!

Ed Morrissey has a photo of the pass to Barack Obama’s acceptance speech at Invesco Field with its > Blog Archive >> Inverted optics: DNCC wraps Obama in upside-down flag; A familiar look?” href=”http://hotair.com/archives/2008/08/19/inverted-optics-dncc-wraps-obama-in-upside-down-flag/”>now infamous upside-down flag motif. I think it’s a likely gaffe, not an intentional slur (perhaps a Kinsley-esque gaffe?), but it does immediately recall two other blasts from the Democratic past: the cover of John Kerry’s The New Soldier cri de coeur from 1971, as Ed notes, and according to a passage in Steve Hayward’s The Age of Reagan, the staffers of the following year’s campaign by George McGovern.

Barack Obama once positioned himself as someone who had moved beyond the failed punitive liberalism that began in the mid-to-late1960s. But from Bittergate to this recent gaffe, his campaign seems mired in his party’s reactionary politics, which date back to the days after JFK’s death; now the longest running hangover in history.

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