Ed Driscoll

Can These Marriages Be Saved?

> Blog Archive >> Political disagreement: can these marriages be saved?” href=”http://neoneocon.com/2008/08/14/political-disagreement-can-these-marriages-be-saved/”>Neo-Neocon has some thoughts on mixed marriages. “It’s not the type of mix you might think”, she writes. “This is a case of a woman who’s a diehard Obama supporter married to a McCain guy. This sort of split isn’t unusual for them; they nearly always disagree on politics.” Read the whole thing, including this addendum:

I’ll add that I think the death knell for a politically mixed marriage is when one partner or the other–or perhaps both–begins to consider that those on the other side are not just mistaken but are in fact evil.

Which probably happens more often than one might initially imagine, given Krauthammer’s Law.