Ed Driscoll

Ahh, The Sophisticated Gravitas Of Network TV

Whether on the small screen, or the big stage, Rosie O’Donnell is class all the way:

On Wednesday, the “comedienne” did a guest stint at a Cyndi Lauper concert in Vancouver, Canada, during which she called Ann Coulter a bitch, and rather indelicately compared her experience on “The View” to the scene in the movie “Born Innocent” when Linda Blair was raped in the shower at a girls’ reformatory.

Imagine how the viewers felt. Here’s what Rosie had to say; click over to Newsbusters for the video and Ann Coulter’s response:

I hate Ann Coulter. That bitch is annoying, let me tell you right now…And speaking of annoying, remember “The View?” Do you get it here in Canada? It was a cute, little tea party show with the ladies turned into a women’s prison film. We were tough girls elbowing each other shaving down spoons into shank (?), “Come here, you little bitch.” Remember “Born Innocent,” that Linda Blair movie? Remember the broomstick, Wooh, I know how she felt. It was like one, big, dysfunctional, Irish Catholic family. Do anything except tell the truth.

To borrow from an old Dennis Miller riff, that last sentence is the Rosetta Stone of Humor; the number of punchlines it inspires is bottomless. Start by flashing back to this, a classic Rosie moment from a year ago, and then write your own!