Ed Driscoll

Jann Wenner Comes Clean

Noel Sheppard of Newsbusters asks, “Can a publisher, editor, and owner of magazines be any more biased than proudly admitting on national television that he’s contributed to Barack Obama’s campaign?”

While you ponder, consider that on Sunday, the publisher and editor of Rolling Stone — who just so happens to also own Men’s Journal and Us Weekly — told CNN’s Howard Kurtz that he’s given money to the presumptive Democrat presidential nominee.

In fact, Jann Wenner did so without batting an eye in an interview aired on “Reliable Sources”.

Noel seems suprised, but given the far left worldview of Wenner, reflected in his flagship publication since its inception, who couldn’t see that one coming? But I actually think Wenner’s admission is a very positive one. As I’ve written before, I’d much rather journalists–and their publishers–come clean on their biases than fall back on the mid-20th century model of feigned objectivity. At least it allows consumers to make an informed decision rather than have to guess at the worldview of a media source.