Ed Driscoll

Fear, Itself

Warner Todd Huston has a terrific roundup of photos documenting “Obama’s Propagandistic Iconography: the Making of a Messiah“. Regarding the latest example, Mickey Kaus asks if Obama’s mocked-up pseudo-presidential seal was his Mission Accomplished moment. Both certainly pleased the base, while alienating the more skeptical.

And speaking of trips down memory lane, “And now, Barack Delano Obama“…

Related: While we’re on the subject of messianic propagandistic iconography, did Obama personally tell a campaign volunteer to shut up about her Che Guevara Flag? He must have forgotten about this one, in any case.

Update: A voice of cool, dispassionate reason emerges as a strong counterforce, finally:

I think that we can take a lesson from the Republicans in the sense that we seem to be continually looking for the next Messiah. I think that