Ed Driscoll

Send Him To The Asthma Field

Oh wait, not that Jim Johnson, this one:

Barack Obama’s choice of Jim Johnson to vet his VP prospects is already embarrassing his campaign, thanks to a WSJ story reporting that Johnson (according to the NY Sun):

Took at least five real estate loans totaling more than $7 million from Countrywide Financial Corp. through an informal program for friends of the company’s CEO, Angelo Mozilo. …

Mozilo and Countrywide were deeply enmeshed in the subprime meltdown, of course, and Mozilo has been denounced by Obama for his business practices and multi-million dollar compensation.

Mickey Kaus asks, “Is Obama really going to let this story drag out all week?”

Are Johnson’s allies so powerful he must be protected–the way Rev. Wright was protected, for a time? Why not say “This is not the Jim Johnson I know” and throw him overboard?

Why not? Obama’s settling more family business this week than Michael Corleone at the end of the first Godfather movie.

(Although Obama’s timeouts seem to be of a far less permanent nature than Michael’s.)

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