Ed Driscoll

"Take Her Into A Room And Only He Comes Out"

Jon of the Exurban League reminds Olbermann fans, “How soon they forget“:

Just one month ago, Olbermann referred to the assassination… of Hillary.

On Olbermann’s April 24, 2008, program, guest Howard Fineman was discussing the delegate math with Our Hero, stating, “some adults somewhere in the Democratic party to step in and stop this thing, like a referee in a fight that could go on for thirty rounds. Those are the super, super, super delegates who are going to have to decide this.”

To which Olbermann replied, “Right. Somebody who can take her into a room and only he comes out.”

Let’s roll the tape.

And while one expects Night of the Long Knives-style rhetoric from Olbermann, who violates Godwin’s Law with seeming impunity on a regular basis, he’s not the only person in the media to have similar assassination porn fantasies regarding Hillary. As Mark Steyn writes, “The modern Democratic party is like Islam: You’re either a believer or an apostate”, and Hillary, like Joe Lieberman before her no longer This Year’s Model, is now very much in the latter camp.

Update: Along with a link to Hillary’s earlier assassination fantasy in a March interview with Time, Matt Murphy (the one who’s with the Judd Brothers, not the Blues Brothers) digs another classic Billary moment out of the memory hole: “considering that she has repeated the sentiment, it’s amusing to recollect that her husband drew a direct connection between talk radio and the Oklahoma City bombings on less evidence than this.”

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