Ed Driscoll

"Arise, Sir Loin of Beef!"

Tim Graham looks at Tim Russert, spin-meister:

Drudge focused the World Wide Web on Tim Russert’s arrogant “Arise, Sir Loin of Beef” declaration that the Democratic race is over and “no one’s gonna dispute it.” The first words out of Russert’s mouth this morning on NBC were “I cannot find an objective Democrat who does not think this race is over.”

Tim Russert is a Democrat, but not an “objective” one. This declaration is spin, not reality, especially when we know the Clinton Chutzpah Express can avoid the “reality” obstacles that cause every other political family to call it quits. I don’t recall Russert telling the country that the Clinton presidency was “over” in 1998, and that only the Clintons didn’t realize it, that “no one’s gonna dispute it.”

Regardless of where political reality lands, what people should see in that Drudge clip and the NBC clip this morning is Tim Russert asserting himself as President of the News. People should see that this is an intensely political press that calculates every word it says and every story it covers and every poll it commissions. Russert and his colleagues don’t want to just observe. They want to run the country. They want to have the power to make and break presidents. They want to tell the people to follow their robotic orders and deeply drink of the “conventional wisdom” they manufacture. “Objective” is not an adjective to them; it is a noun. Their objective today is to clear the path and get the Democrats back in the White House.

Compare Russert’s firm, Kent Brockman-like The Race Is Over statement with the endless interjections and biases from a fellow MSM’er when he couldn’t believe the race was over in 2000.