Ed Driscoll

"Since When Does A Newsman Host A Political Talk Show?"

Far left Denver-based DJ Jay Marvin (put your sunglasses on before visiting his blood red colored Website–it’s that blinding a shade) has his buffer blown when he hears MSNBC’s David Shuster sitting in for leftwing talker Ed Schultz:

First, let me start this off by saying this has nothing to do with Ed Schultz. This applies only to the format of talk radio and corespondents as their [sic] called by media outlets.

Yesterday on the way home from the station I punched up Ed to see what he was talking about. I always do.

Ed wasn’t there he was out sick. So someone else was sitting in. OK, this happens so why not? As I drove I thought I had heard this guy’s voice before, I just couldn’t put it together.

Then it hit me it was MSNBC’s David Schuster.

Since when does a newsman host a political talk show? I was taught a newsman was a newsman someone who was supposed to remain neutral and objective at all times.

To me this was the same as the flame out Tucker Carlson being labeled a “political” corespondent by MSNBC on Hardball or George Stephanopoulos, ABC’s Washington correspondent, taking the William Ayers question from right-wing fringe talk show host Shawn [sic] Hannity and then asking Barak [sic] Obama about it on national TV during the last debate.

What happened to the wall of separation between news and views? Is it something I imagined? Was I taught wrong?

Someone help me out here.

CertainlyI’d be happy to.