Ed Driscoll

And The Beatification Goes On

Robert Novak describes Obama losing his cool last week during his debate with Hillary:

Obama is trying to change the subject, but he lost his cool demeanor when ABC News questioners Charlie Gibson and George Stephanopoulos returned to his San Francisco statement (among other difficult issues) in Wednesday’s debate. In watching campaign debates dating back to Kennedy-Nixon in 1960, I never before had seen a candidate criticize the moderator or challenge his premises so often (on at least eight occasions). “Look, let me finish my point here, Charlie,” said Obama, after Gibson had interrupted him following a 126-word answer.

The other unprecedented element was the deluge of abuse heaped on the two ABC moderators by reporters on the media, television critics and political writers. They object to prolonging what amounts to a debate on “What’s wrong with Obama?” Exploring whether Barack Obama is a modified Thomas Frank does not depend on television talking heads or Hillary Clinton. Supporters of John McCain, seeking to reel back the Obama Republicans, will press the issue from now to November.

By and large, politicians already have enormous egos, but few have been deified by their supporters as a sort post-Christian Saint Walking The Earth the way Obama has, coupled with a rapture from the press so obvious even Saturday Night Live could spot it. Given such beatification, I’m surprised that Obama isn’t even testier with those who fail to grasp his vision.

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