Ed Driscoll

Double Standards? You're Soaking In Them

Ace of Spades writes, “It looks like the opening shot in The Second Battle of Congressional Hearings [involving General Petraeus] has been fired. I think it will take a willing suspension of disbelief to trust much of what you read about it in the MSM.”

Shades of the heavily politicized 9/11 Commission (which culminated in one of the rare moments when “a Clinton Admin official got in trouble for what he put into his pants“, right around this time during the last presidential election year.

Meanwhile, Terry Trippany presents “The AP Style Guide on Defending Barack Obama“, which isn’t too far removed from the “Andrew Sullivan Style Guide on Defending Barack Obama“, as Ed Morrissey writes:

The reaction of Obama supporters to Jeremiah Wright has certainly been instructive, especially those who had plenty to say about Mitt Romney and Mormonism last year. Today