Ed Driscoll

The Return Of The Circular Firing Squad

As former CNN correspondent Bryce Zabel wrote a couple of years ago, back in 1994, Time magazine was attacked by the left for darkening the arrest photo of O.J. Simpson when the magazine used it to illustrate its cover story:

Almost immediately after hitting the stands, Time was accused of racism by minority groups for its photographic alteration of the famous O.J. arrest photo. The editors defended their choice by saying that they had taken that creative license to show the shadow that had descended on his reputation that week. Illustrator Matt Mahurin was the one to altern the image, saying later that he “wanted to make it more artful, more compelling.” Enough readers, however, said that they saw the white man stacking the deck by “demonizing” the black man, that Time did something it had never done before and has never done since. They issued a second cover and pulled the first one. Essentially this meant that only mail subscribers ever saw the first cover.

A decade later, a similar left-on-left controversy is repeated as farce, “Now with Throbbing Obama!”

Of course, as Allah notes, as bad as these attacks on Hillary Clinton are, consider the possibility that at least a few punches are being pulled in these internecine battles. Assuming that Obama does eventually win the nomination, the real fireworks won’t occur until it’s the left and a complicit media versus the GOP.