Ed Driscoll

"No Other Voting Bloc In The Country Faces This Choice"

James Taranto links to an astonishing passage in a CNN article that certainly puts the emphasis on the second word of the phrase presidential race:

Recent polls show black women are expected to make up more than a third of all Democratic voters in South Carolina’s primary in five days.

For these women, a unique, and most unexpected dilemma, presents itself: Should they vote their race, or should they vote their gender?

No other voting bloc in the country faces this choice.

Steve Green responds that identity politics-themed articles such as this are “Why Politics Make Me Drink Reason #478”. adding:

I dunno. White Republican males had like seven or eights guys to choose from (plus Ron Paul), and they seem to be handling it just fine.


More on media-induced identity politics from Steve Boriss, who writes, “Media Blinders Impede a Colorblind Society.”