Debates Left And Right, And The Ticking Iranian Time Bomb

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Show highlights include host Bill Bradley asking: Was Tim Russert Hillary’s strongest opposition in Tuesday night’s debate?

Also on today’s show:

  • John Fund of the Wall Street Journal explains “Who is Mike Huckabee?” and why Huckabee was so perturbed with Fund’s recent Opinion Journal profile that he wrote his own rebuttal.
  • Pajamas’ own Corn & Miniter, discuss the winners and losers of the recent GOP Debate–beyond John McCain, who certainly won the soundbite award.
  • Don Surber of the Charleston Daily Mail wonders how a young journalism student got under the Edwards campaign’s skin.

  • Austin Bay of Pajamas’ Blog Week In Review podcast interviews Michael Ledeen, author of The Iranian Time Bomb
  • Virginia Postrel of The Atlantic and her own Dynamist blog explains the issue that she says may be as important as religion in explaining the divide between America’s red and blue states.
  • Steve Green of VodkaPundit confesses: “I Was a Card-Carrying Libertarian.”
  • Pajamas CEO Roger L. Simon and Pajamas Express journalist Ron Rosenbaum go in search of campaign coverage black holes.
  • Produced by yours truly!

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