Ed Driscoll

Howie Mandel Called. He'd Like His Look Back

Kathy Shaidle has an urgent plea: “Dear Men Across The English Speaking World — Please. Stop. Looking. Like. This”:

I’m not sure what you were thinking ten years ago when you started with the mouth mullets, knock-off hipster glasses, bald head “frat-jock-semi-pro-goalie” look, but Clinton’s not the President anymore, the X-Files is over and we all have to, as they say, move on.

This look was ugly back then but now it is both ugly and old. It’s also nakedly, desperately aspirational: “I’m really a working class bloke but I’m trying to look like a middle class, 24/7-table-reading-of-Glenngary-Glen-Ross, commission-only-Toyota-salesman for some reason.”

Kaithy adds, “We’ll talk about tattoos another day.”

By all means, please do.