Ed Driscoll

Postmodern Irony Alert

Calvin Ross of the Napa Valley Register checks in on Andrew Keen:

Lately many elite journalists have been attacking blogs, especially politically liberal blogs, as “vitriolic,” “rabid” and “crude.” Keen went to great pains to offer the “real” journalism of the Wall St. Journal, the New York Times, and the Washington Post as examples of what blogging is not.

He said on the “Colbert Report” last month that “I think we need objective, professional journalists who responsibly collect the news rather than anonymous bloggers often in the pay of corporations and foreign governments.

Go figure: Keen is assuming that responsible readers won’t be able to distinguish between bloggers who produce responsible work, and those who manufacture fake news…on a comedy show hosted by an actor who’s producing fake news by sending up the typical network anchorman.

Update: Related thoughts on the faux news show where Colbert got his start.