Ed Driscoll

Europe: Heading Towards The Exits

Andrea Harris asks, “How can I care about people who don’t care about themselves?”

Natalie Solent recounts the story of a woman left alone to give birth (when she had been told it was dangerous to do so) all by herself in a toilet in a hospital, while nurses refused to help. In Britain. She wonders: “How do we get our nerve back?”

The answer is you don’t; nerves don’t grow back. They’re dead, Jim.

My youthful Anglophilia is just about gone and events like these are helping speed it on its way to oblivion. I’m glad I got to go to England when I was just out of high school, before the zombies took over. I will admit, I’ve been slogging through Mark Steyn’s America Alone, and it’s been a hard go not because he’s a lousy writer (though the book is spready, and could really be compressed into a few of his columns) or because I disagree with him (I agree with just about everything he says), but because I simply don’t care about Europe anymore. How can I care about people who don’t care about themselves? The few actual live humans who still live in that hollow charnel house should leave before it collapses and takes them down with it.

It sounds like a fair number of them actually are doing just that.