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An Army Of David Leans?

OK, now that headline is definitely hyperbole to get your attention. But as the New York Sun notes:

Fifteen years ago, the notion that an amateur filmmaker could write, shoot, edit, and project a professional-grade film in only 48 hours would have been a near-impossible thought. But times change quickly, and for the 2007 filmmaker, in the age of Final Cut Pro and YouTube, the idea is a challenge rather than an impracticality.
For our thoughts on adding a professional sheen to your slightly smaller scale video productions, click here.

Update: In City Journal, John Robb explores the flip side of the Glenn Reynolds' "Army of Davids" meme:

Eventually, one man may even be able to wield the destructive power that only nation-states possess today. It is a perverse twist of history that this new threat arrives at the same moment that wars between states are receding into the past.
Robb's article is titled, "The Coming Urban Terror", which also dovetails into Mark Steyn's latest essay.